New Addition and/or Remodeling:
Adding more space to your existing home or remodeling within your home can
be an exciting project.  We can provide architectural plans tailored specific to
your needs and desires while considering the most cost effective methods for
construction.  Building costs vary per square foot depending on the structural
design of the building including the interior and exterior finishes desired by the

Bathroom Remodel:
In our history of 20 years, we have remodeled hundreds of bathrooms.  
Kimmons Builders offers complete remodel of your bathroom.  We will remove
and dispose of the existing floor and wall tile, plumbing fixtures, cabinetry, etc.  
We will provide plumbing (through our licensed plumbing subcontractor),
provide and install new cabinetry and provide and install new ceramic, tile or
marble; provide and install cabinetry and provide plaster repairs and paint.  In
the case of damaged subflooring or floor joints, we will provide and install new
wood work.

Fire Damage
Kimmons Builders has performed complete restoration on residential homes
with both partial and extensive damage due to smoke and fire.  We will provide
architectural plans as required by the local building department to meet all
current code requirements.  We will remove all damaged materials and perform
all necessary structural and cosmetic repairs, including coordination of all
mechanical, plumbing, roofing and electrical work by licensed subcontractors.

We can provide interior drywall and/or plaster repairs if you’ve experienced a
leak or some other type of damage.  We will attempt to match the interior finish
as close as possible.  We can also provide and install wood baseboards or other
interior finishes as necessary.  Kimmons Builders can also provide exterior
stucco repairs.  This work is performed on an hourly basis.

Misc./Other Work
For work or services that we do not offer, in most cases we can recommend a
reputable company that specializes in your requirements.

Loyalty, Level of Service Commitment
In an effort to provide our customers with the highest quality construction and the
level of service, we strive to work with the same subcontractors on every job.  We
enjoy a close working relationship with the same companies in order to provide
our customers with the best job possible from beginning to completion.
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